A review of Microsoft’s Kinect

Kinect is a device developed by Microsoft to control the player’s moves with the help of a motion sensor, intended for the Xbox 360 console. It has the design of a webcam and it lets users interact and control the Xbox through a natural interface, using spoken commands and gestures. The Kinect project was mainly aimed to compete against other consoles in the market. A version for PCs was also released early in 2012.

The design

The Kinect has a webcam design and its sensor is placed horizontally, being connected to a motorised pivot. It was designed to be positioned below or above the video display. The main idea of Kinect is the interaction without a game controller.The Kinect has an RGB camera, multi-array microphone and a depth sensor, which features 3D motion capture, voice recognition and facial recognition capabilities. At first, the voice detection was only made available in the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and the United States.

The software

Kinect requires at least 200 MB of storage space to run properly. The face and voice recognition can automatically identify the users. One of its best features is Video Kinect, an application that lets you see or voice chat with other users of Xbox 360 or Windows Live Messenger. The sensor can keep the players in the frame while moving around. Microsoft confirmed that all upcoming applications made for Xbox 360 must have some sort of Kinect functionality. Games that are suitable for Kinect have on the box a purple sticker. Games with an optional Kinect support will have the standard Xbox 360 case with a bar underneath the header with the color purple.

The verdict

The main idea of Kinect is to revolutionise the Xbox gaming and to create a more natural gaming experience. Just by connecting it to your Xbox 360, you can literally have the whole gaming experience at your fingertips. Moreover, Microsoft says this is only the beginning of this kind of technology.

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