Kindle Fire specifications

The Kindle Fire is one of the best solutions for those who want a tablet that is able to deal with functions similar to what can be found on iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tablet, but at a better price. If you need a cheap tablet every day, this is one of the best on the market.

The display of the Kindle Fire is well constructed and very resistant to scratches, cracks and damages. The screen quality is high enough, so you don’t need extra protection for it. The gadget has an 8GB of memory, which is enough for 8 movies, 800 songs or 6000 books. The space you can use is around 6.5GB, because some of it belongs to the system.

Amazon Cloud is a special program that gives you the opportunity to store some of your documents on Amazon’s servers and to access the information from any notebook or computer with internet connection. The free capacity is 5GB and each extra 1GB incurs an extra charge.

The mp3′s you can download straight from Amazon are Digital Rights Management (DRM) and at the same time free. With its 7″ screen, the Kindle Fire is suitable for comic books, newspapers, magazines and of course videos. If you are a member of Amazon’s Prime, you can even watch thousands of TV Shows and movies.

Because its screen is not so big, you will need to use frequent the zoom option, especially when you want to read magazines. For the customers’ convenience, some of the magazines are optimised especially for the Kindle Fires, so they will be easy to read. Newspapers as well are easy to navigate, mostly because of the option from the menu that can direct you right to the newspaper section.

The Kindle Fire will be a strong competitor to the famous iPad 2 when launched in the UK and it is expected to be the first choice for many consumers because of its price and outlook. An important point of choosing the Kindle over other tablets is the connection with the Amazon facilities for books, movies and music.

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