iPad 3 Processor Updates

iPad 3 updates are hard to come by, with information about the coveted device thin on the ground. However, a component leak for the popular gadget has revealed some information about the processor that the iPad 3 might be using - known as A5X.

With the original iPad running an A4 processor and its successor housing an A5 model, it was expected that the iPad 3 would continue the trend and sport an A6 model, but thinking has now changed. Are we looking at an iPad 2.5, or is this nothing more than a name?

When it was released, the A5 was completely original - a brand new chip that was a mystery to all but those that worked on it. It seems unlikely that Apple would go through the process of inventing another completely new chip so soon, insteading preferring to improve on their latest innovation.

This kind of thinking is hardly revolutionary; improvements are added to existing designs all the time. True innovations tend to be larger leaps forward that open a host of new opportunities for developers and because of that, they tend to happen less regularly.

What does this tell us about the iPad 3? Well, the only thing that it confirms is that the new system is going to have an improved processor, but as for specific figures, it's still anybody's guess. Rumours are circulating that more information regarding the gadget will be arriving sometime in the spring, so iPad fans should start revving their excitement engines now.

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