We look at the success of HTC smartphones

While many people still swear by the long established phone brands like Apple, Nokia and Sony Ericsson, a newcomer to the scene has been making waves in the past couple of years. With so much to offer users, HTC smartphones have quickly become among the most sought after products on the market today.

Who are HTC?

HTC is a Taiwanese telecommunications corporation founded in 1997. Almost immediately after the company's conception, it began working on advanced touch screen based handheld telecommunications devices. It has had many notable success stories long before it captured the public's imagination, including the first ever Microsoft smartphone in 2002, and the first ever 3G phone powered by Microsoft in 2005.

Where have they been hiding all these years?

You would be forgiven for believing that HTC was a new company, given the fact that they have only really come into the public eye in the last few of years, but since 1997 they have been highly respected among the telecommunications community.

Why should I buy HTC?

HTC smartphones have something of a reputation for being "iPhone killers" these days. This means that they offer as much, if not more, functionality when compared to the popular iPhone range of touch screen handsets.

Being based around Google's Android operating system means that their handsets are compatible with tens of thousands of applications, both free and premium, meaning that there are plenty of fun gizmos for you to play with.

What are their most popular handsets?

There are a huge number of HTC phones available right now, with some of the biggest success stories being the HTC Desire, the HTC Wildfire and the HTC Hero (now discontinued).

HTC or Apple?

This is something that only the end user can decide for themselves. While many people prefer the straightforward nature of Apple based phones, the expanded possibilities offered by the Android operating system makes them an attractive proposition for the more tech savvy user.

That's not to say that HTC smartphones need a degree in astrophysics to use - they're actually very intuitive and user friendly thanks to improvements in Android technology - but more that they offer a lot more potential for tweaking under the hood than iOS based devices.

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