Top 5 amazing HD phones

HD phones are fabulous not only because the resolution quality is tops, they also allow you to take videos or photos and view them with excellent results. Previously, HD phones that recorded videos at 720p (1,280 x 720 pixels) were already considered great. This time, it's a race for better capabilities, recording at 1080p (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). HD phones make it easy to stream videos and enjoy them on HD ready devices such as a TV screen.

The list

1. HTC Sensation - HTC is one of the big names out there when it comes to HD phones. Its dual core processor and 8MP camera are impressive along with its 1080p HD video recording capability. Playback and recording are superb supporting all types of formats from wmv and mp4 to avi and xvid. From surfing and browsing to movie streaming and video watching, this phone takes you to the next level.

2. iPhone 4S - You can't miss this premium product from Apple. The brand speaks for itself with its easy user interface, superb graphics, and applications. It boasts of a 960x640-pixel resolution.

3. Nokia N8 - One of the best HD phones in the market is the Nokia N8. It has a 12MP camera fitted with a Carl Zeiss lens and an HD video. A free navigation system and pre-loaded apps sweeten the deal. If those are not enough to satisfy you, the OVi Store has them all. Not as popular as the other phones, the N8 should not be ticked off your list when talking HD. Its only drawback is that support has been rather lacking.

4. Samsung Galaxy S - Always on the best list, Samsung's Galaxy is another winner from its Super AMOLED screen and dual processor to its Android (Gingerbread) platform and dual cameras. It is a fast phone and the graphics are simply amazing boasting of rich, sharp, and deep colours. There's not much to say about this smart phone as users are raving about its speed and top performance.

5. Sony Ericsson Experia Arc S - This smart phone has an 8.1MP camera enhancing picture taking and video recording. Connect it to your HD TV using an HDMI cable to see the amazing effects of this feature. Its processor was upgraded, too making surfing and streaming a blast.

The drawback

Note that a higher resolution uses a lot of memory. If your HD phones can't handle that and you're a heavy user, opt for a micro SD card and a spare battery. Make sure that you do have the possibility of inserting a memory card. It never hurts to build your ammunition as you do more things on your phone.

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