Gift gadgets - top 4 for Christmas!

Christmas shopping can sometimes be difficult if you don't know what to buy. The following is some advice on the top four gift gadgets for Christmas.

Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

If you've ever tried using a touch screen device while wearing gloves you will know that it just won't happen. These gloves are soft and have special conducive material that allows you to text and do other things with your phone and keep your hands warm at the same time. These gloves come in black and are suitable for men and women. They are a great gift for the winter with more cold weather predicted.

Automatic card shuffler

Whether playing cards for fun or in a tournament this is ideal for quickly shuffling cards. This gadget can thoroughly shuffle up to two decks at once in just a matter of seconds. You simply need to place your cards in the feeder trays, press a button and let the machine do the rest. This gadget can be found in most games and card shops and costs between £8 and £12.

Self stirring mug

This is the perfect gift for those who love gadgets and tea! This mug comes with self stirring technology so that you have one less job to do when making your tea. This gadget also saves on the washing up. You simply need to flick a switch on the top of the handle and your drink will be stirred. The mug is battery operated which is included. This mug costs just £12.95 and is available from gadgets.co.uk

Hot slippers

You just stick the slippers into the microwave for two minutes and you will have warm slippers for up to one hour. They are available in one size fits all. These slippers are available in most gadget retailers and a number of other retailers. Prices range from £15 to £20.

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