Looking for a cheap Gamecube console? Check this out

When the Gamecube console was first released back in 2002, it failed to reach the levels of success expected of it by both Nintendo and the gaming media. Going toe to toe with Sony's PlayStation 2 was never going to be easy for Nintendo, but they certainly made it a lot harder for themselves with what many commentators felt was a vastly underpowered system.

However, unlike the PlayStation 2, many of the classic Gamecube games are still as playable now as they were when they first hit the system. This means that those of you on a budget who are looking for a quality system for very little outlay, and one whose games are still readily available at knock down prices, need look no further than the Gamecube.

Although the system was officially discontinued by Nintendo in 2007, there are still a huge number of them to be found in games retailers across the United Kingdom. By calling into your local games store, you should be able to find a complete system for anywhere between £20 and £30, including all the cables you need and a controller.

In many cases, you should be able to barter with the retailer in order to build yourself a bundle including several quality games and some extra controllers for around £55.

Before you do purchase though, it is worth remembering that since the Gamecube console has been discontinued by Nintendo, there are no new games being released on the system. As time goes by it will prove increasingly difficult to find titles for the console in your local game stores, and you may need to search for games on websites such as amazon.co.uk, ebay.co.uk and craigslist.co.uk.

However, the prices from these online retailers are often a lot cheaper than those in traditional bricks and mortar stores, so it's worth checking them out either way.

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