Try top Creative MP3 players for an iPod alternative

The Apple iPod may rule the planet as far as MP3 players are concerned, but not every consumer is happy. There are plenty of music fans who want to resist the iTunes orthodoxy, and don't want to have to upgrade their music player every year. For them, a Creative MP3 player is a smart alternative.

Creative were one of the earliest and most innovative companies in the MP3 player market, with a sense of style that is different to Apple, but has plenty of fans. Visit the Creative site at uk.store.creative.com to check on the latest products.

The Creative ZEN Style M300 MP3 player looks like a tiny music player you might take to the gym, but it has an astounding capacity. It comes in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB versions, but the striking feature is the microSD card slot that lets you store up to 32GB of additional music. It also has Bluetooth wireless connectivity, so you can play your music through Bluetooth compatible headphones and speakers. Prices range from £39.99 to £69.99 (microSD card is extra).

The Zen X-Fi Style is for music fans who like to hear every cymbal and every guitar string. Creative's X-Fi technology restores rich musical detail and retains high levels of clarity for audio tracks. This player will encourage you to make sure your MP3s are the highest quality, as you'll be able to hear every note. Unlike many players it will play back FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files, offering perfect sound for music purists. The 8GB version is £59.99, and the 16GB version is £89.99.

For a great range of Creative MP3 players that might not be the latest model, but are still perfectly serviceable, try eBay (ebay.co.uk). Plenty of experts still swear by the classic 20GB Creative Zen, chunky but stylish, with excellent sound and an easy user interface. You can pick these up for as little as £20 on ebay.

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