Using cloud files to improve productivity

The practice of using cloud files began several years back to simplify solutions to data needs. Put simply, cloud files is an online storage system that allows you to upload, distribute, and manage files such as text documents, photos, audio files, videos and all sorts of data.

Distribution and delivery of data is through the API/CDN (content delivery network). The API is a series of codes that allow software and programmes to communicate with each other synchronising commands and actions. As an example, Rackspace provides API hosting solutions CDN using Akamai Technologies.

Cloud files explained

When you use cloud hosting, you are sending your files virtually. There are several host servers that act as intermediaries for your data and information. Whether you are sending, receiving, and backing up data, it is easier these days to use cloud files for access, transmission, and reception of files.

Host servers may or may not offer unlimited data storage. There are also free host servers but data hosting is limited. For a subscription fee, paying host servers allow at least 5GB of storage space. The cloud files company charges a price as a function of the volume of data (price/GB).

Transmission of your data is safe because the servers use encryption (SSL) to avoid third party hacking or intrusion. Access to data is definitely easier as you just need to have a computer and an internet connection and you can work on your cloud files from any remote location. No need to think about carrying any other device to make sure that you have access to your cloud files resulting to improved productivity. There is also the possibility of using portable storage devices for your files.

If you are running a business, forget about buying or upgrading hardware such as servers. You only pay for the storage space that you use.

A major benefit is that you can work remotely, send files, and work with anyone from any location in the world. Data is also backed up across other servers with different locations making sure that if any system breaks down or is corrupt, you will still gain access to your cloud files.

Is this a better solution?

Cloud files are setting the trend in the age of cloud computing. Increased productivity, accessibility, and data protection are the main selling points of using the cloud technology. While there are still persistent shortcomings in this area, the benefits are there for everyone from the casual user to the busy professional running a company. If you have not yet joined the crowd, think about using cloud files now.

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