Early BlackBerry London information

BlackBerry smartphones are one of the most popular gadgets on the market today, so any information related to a new release is going to pique a lot of interest. This time, it's the BlackBerry London that is under the microscope, but what information is currently available about the elusive phone?

About the device

The first photos of the BlackBerry London, otherwise known as the BlackBerry 10, were leaked in November 2011, with a further image released in January of 2012, which highlighted a number of new details about the much-anticipated smartphone. The single image, initially posted at crackberry.com, showed a sleek, stylish design alongside a host of exciting features.

What can it do?

The image insists that the BlackBerry London is going to "change the game", offering hardware and platform combined into one device. Promised features include exceptional power and efficiency, quality apps and content story and a dramatic shift in UI experience. BlackBerry has already confirmed that all new BlackBerry devices with the latest OS will be compatible with Android apps, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

What are the specifications?

As of early 2012, the exact specifications of the London model were not yet known. It is rumoured to have a TI OMAP dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, 16GB storage and two cameras. This phone has tentatively been labelled as a "superphone" instead of a smartphone due to its top of the line specifications.

Why London?

There is speculation that the BlackBerry London model is set for a UK-only release, with as yet unconfirmed models "Laguna" and "Lisbon" headed for a US release. Whether this turns out to be true, only time will tell.

More information

The BlackBerry London is set to make an official appearance at the BlackBerry World event in May 2012, so more information is expected to be available once that date hits. As for the model itself, a late 2012 release is being projected, which would make it an ideal Christmas present for gadget lovers!

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