New Apple Mac OS X Unveiled As 'Mountain Lion'

The New Apple Mac OS X Is A Mountain Lion

Apple, the elite manufacturers of innovative digital hardware, have done it again, with the official unveiling of their next operating system, dubbed 'Mountain Lion.' The preview shows of a multitude of new features, with many of them lifted straight from Apple's other platforms, such as the iPhone and the iPad.

The news of the new operating system has come just seven months after the release of Apple's current system, 'Lion' and keeps in line with the company's history for steady improvement. Previous upgrades to the Mac OS have included 'Leopard' and 'Snow Leopard.'


Amongst the improvements are social media upgrades such as Messages and Twitter integration, as well as other iOS apps including Notes, Reminders and Game Centre. Mountain Lion will be fully compatible with Apple's cloud-based storage system, known as iCloud, which will allow users to store their data such as music and pictures easily.

One of the key aspects Apple wanted to improve on was integration with other Apple products, such as the iPhone and iPad. Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive, confirmed that Mountain Lion was designed with this in mind, saying "We see that people are in love with a lot of apps and functionality here. Anywhere where that makes sense, we are going to move that over to Mac."

With excitement already growing for this new release, there is only one question that remains to be answered; when is it going to be available? The good news is, it might be sooner than expected, with a summer 2012 release projected by Apple.

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