Anthm: Crowdsource Music Playlists

It's one of the hidden drawbacks of party planning - preparing a playlist that everybody can enjoy. No matter how large your playlist or how diverse your tastes, you won't be able to please everybody and musical tastes can have a big impact on the success of friendships - to put it mildly...

Anthm could be the solution. Anthm lets you crowdsource music playlists, eliminating all that worry and saving you some time in the process.

Anthm is an iOS app that acts as a playlist manager. Once you've created your playlist, anyone with an iDevice can alter your choices, voting their favourite tunes higher or lower on the playlist, depending on their own musical tastes.

Even better, anyone with access to the playlist can 'request' a song, from one of Rdio's selection of 12 million tracks. The downside is that Rdio is currently the only music platform associated with Anthm, although this is something that is going to be changed in the future.

Each playlist is password protected, so don't worry about outsiders hijacking your fun and you can even peer into other parties' playlists and judge them accordingly.

As of early 2012, Anthm is still in its infancy, so any users of similar playlist managers such as Spotify shouldn't rush along to join the party just yet, especially considering that Anthm is currently iOS only. However, if the platform continues to grow and improve, there could be a new contender on the cards for party playlist supremacy.

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