9/12 the day for iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5 rumour mill won't stop churning and, though we're a bit sick of all the speculation, we do feel obliged to tell you when something of some note happens. Like this: instead of the usual fannying around shape and spec, we've got what looks like hard evidence regarding the iPhone 5's launch date.

Telefonica, the Spanish telecoms giant that owns O2, has apparently started scaling back on iPhone 4 stock in preparation for the 'launch of a new smartphone' on 12 September, reports TechRadar.

Now, theoretically, that could be a new Android phone or something. But let's be realistic here: the only thing that's going to seriously eat into sales of the iPhone 4 is the iPhone 5.

Of course, a September 12 launch isn't necessarily the same as a September 12 release. It could be a few weeks past 9/12 before we actually get to hold Apple's new babies in our hands. Frankly, we doubt Apple will want images of fanboys queuing up outside Apple Stores juxtaposed with 9/11 10th anniversary memorials.

One thing's for certain: with Apple having kept users waiting well over a year since the release of the iPhone 4, whenever it finally does come out, the iPhone 5 is gonna sell like hotcakes.

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