Want a new 8 inch digital photo frame?

With a digital photo frame, you can show off all your pictures without cluttering up the house with hundreds of picture frames. Here we are going to have a look at a few of our favourite 8 inch digital photo frames...

First is the Logik L08DPF10 8 inch Digital Photo Frame. It has a good screen that shows off your favourite pictures clearly. It has no internal memory - but don’t let that put you off as it is compatible with SD, MMC, memory sticks and USB. It is available from Currys for just £34.99 (only available for home delivery). You'll also get 10% off any SD card.

Next is the Kodak M820 8 inch Digital Photo Frame. The touch panel on this beautiful frame allows you to edit, create and view slideshows. It would look good in any home and you can use it straight away as it comes with built-in internal memory. Although it is only 128MB, you could squeeze a couple of hundred photos on. It is compatible with SD, MMC, memory sticks, xD and CF, and has two card slots that dramatically increase the amount of pictures you can put on. This frame is available from play.com for £69.99 and comes with a year long warranty.

Last is the Sony DPFD85B 8 inch LCD Digital Photo Frame. This frame has received great reviews and is definitely worth having a look. It is compatible with SD, MMC, memory sticks, xD, CF and MicroDrive. It comes with 256MB of internal memory (that could fit around 400 pictures). You are spoilt for choice for slideshow options, and it is priced very well for what you are getting. This frame is available for around £68 new from Amazon.


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