7 Reasons to buy the Samsung PL201 14MP digital compact camera

The Samsung PL201 14MP Digital Compact Camera is an economic choice for good family and holiday shots or for an amateur photographer looking to learn the ropes. Here are seven facts about this digital camera from Samsung.

1. Price: Priced at £99.99, the Samsung PL201 14mp Digital Compact Camera is a good choice for a beginner with an interest in photography. You can play around with photography techniques like composition, colour contrast and perspective before splashing out on a more technically advanced model or committing to that digital photography course in the local community centre.

2. Compact: The camera is just short of 6cm in height and 10cm in width with an aluminium body. When switched off, it has a depth of just over 2cm. It weighs only 143g. It comes with a carry strap but a camera case is not included. The lithium ion battery is rechargeable by a wall socket or by connecting the USB cable to a computer. With a built in flash and no other extra parts, the camera is easily tucked into a pocket or bag.

3. Easy to use: Keep the camera on ‘Smart Auto,’ point and shoot and you’ll come away with a decent family or holiday snapshot.

4. Three inch LCD screen: The three inch screen at the back of the device is excellent for previewing and reviewing pictures.

5. 14 scene modes: Choose from a range of scene modes to get the most from your picture, including landscape mode, portrait mode, a setting for photos of children, close-up mode and text mode for taking photos of text - so you can take a snap of the menu in the snazzy restaurant you went to on holiday. For some atmosphere, you can take photos in black and white and sepia as well as colour.

6. 7 x Optical Zoom: Optical zoom uses the camera lens to bring the object closer and the quality stays the same, using the full resolution of the camera. The optical zoom on this camera will help you take good landscape photographs but don't count on getting the perfect shot of those dolphins in the distance. The Samsung PL201 also has 5 x Digital zoom, so you can enlarge the picture but this reduces the image quality.

7. PictBridge Compatible: Print pictures directly by connecting your camera directly to the printer without downloading to a computer.

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