Which 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame?

Digital photo frames are becoming a more common item in households across the globe, with the 7 inch digital photo frame the staple choice when it comes to size.

So what options do consumers have when it comes to 7-inch frames? Well, the short answer is plenty. Here is a run down of some of the most popular frames on the market.

KitVision - At an affordable cost, KitVision’s 7-inch photo frame gives buyers a basic digital frame experience, with a basic, but ok resolution of 320 x 234. No thrills, no spills!

Coby - In terms of picture frames, Coby’s 7-Inch digital photo frame retails averagely at around £35, depending on the retailer. The frame displays JPEGs and can even play movies, but also has a calendar and clock display, supporting SD/SDHC and MS memory card support. It also comes with a detachable stand and is wall-mountable. An affordable option for that little extra, with a slightly higher resolution than the KitVision at 480x234.

Kodak - Kodak’s EasyShare P76 7 High Resolution digital frame retails at around £40. Added benefits of the Coby include a higher resolution display (800 x 600), a novel slideshow (complete with panoramic picture fades and collages), and cunning search menus.

Agfaphoto - At the higher end of the price range, Agfaphoto’s AF5077MS 7 inch Slimline Multi Media Digital Photo Frame retails at around £65. The increased cost provides buyers with a higher aspect ratio (4:3), a 5-in-1 card reader compatible with MMC/SD/MS/XD/SDHC, environmentally-friendly power consumption (which can be tuned on and off), slim design, remote control and even movie capability. This is certainly a more all-in-one photo frame with added extras, ideal for a Christmas or birthday present for that special someone who has been hinting for a 7-inch digital photo frame.

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