An alternative to Apple's 60gb mp3 players

60gb mp3 players are hard to come by. It seems that the only people in the market are Apple and their 60gig iPod. So, if you want a 60gig, it seems that you almost have to go for Apple's offering.

This didn't sit well with us, so we decided to find a top notch mp3 player that can rival the iPod, at least as far as mp3's go. We searched the internet high and low, far and wide, then we came across this beauty.

The Cowon A5 60GB is the beast we are talking about. It has been receiving great reviews on lots of different tech sites and for good reason, it's great!

It is a super-slick, ultra-modern device and looks really good. It has a large 4inch screen and a neat control panel to help you navigate the menus and options. The screen has beautiful colours and contrast making everything that appears on it pop.

Another great feature of this device is the huge library of file formats supported when playing music. We think every mp3 player needs to start supporting other formats. A lot of people only play lossless audio and not enough mp3 plays play them. While an mp3 player is meant for playing mp3 files, nowadays people ask a lot more of their devices.

Of course, this machine has video playback, in fact, it does a really great job at it. With the crisp 4" inch screen, you can watch video until your heart is content. You can also display photos and store information on the Cowon A5.

This is a fantastic mp3 player but it's not without drawbacks. The joystick is actually pretty difficult to use and it obviously doesn't have as many features as an iPod but, if you want an alternative, this should be top of your list.

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