All about the 5th gen iPod Nano

The 5th gen of the iPod Nano, officially released at an Apple event held on 9th September 2009, contains some signicant improvements and advantages when compared to previous models.

The overall model was cheaper than previous versions from the outset, being fractionally larger in order to accommodate its various advancements in technology and design.

The most immediate development was the screen, which, at 56.3 millimetres, is noticeably larger than the 50.8 millimetres of the 4th generation model. The 5th gen iPod Nano is also wider than the earlier versions.

In terms of features, the 5th gen represented a massive leap in the iPod Nano series. As well as a decent inbuilt camera with 16 special effects, it contains a microphone, inbuilt access to FM radio signals, a pedometer to trace your movement if you wear the iPod when exercising, and a speaker system.

The 5th gen iPod Nano can be bought in a wide variety of colours, which are also finished in a glosser style than the 4th gen models: blue, yellow, black, purple, silver, orange, green, pink and red. The yellow and red sets are only available from either an Apple store or the Apple online site (located at store.apple.com/uk).

To buy the a 5th gen iPod Nano at a bargain price, however, you'll need to check out some other websites. The online store gogodigital.co.uk sells the 16GB black model for a great price of £112.99, for example, while the excellent overstock.com sells the less popular orange version for an amazing price of just £82.14.

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