Looking for a new 50inch plasma? Here are the best available

Buying a 50inch plasma would of been a much easier job three or four years ago. Since then the technological revolution has continued and we are now faced with words such as LCD, LED and now 3D. The best place for you to start your search for a new television is with Dixons. Dixons.co.uk is a specialised website to help you find your dream television hassle-free.

Dixons currently have a range of 50inch plasmas available at all price ranges. At the lower end of the price range you can get a Panasonic TX-P50C2B HD Ready for only £449. This television is finished with a sleek, black design and contains two HDMI ports, SCART and S-Video ports. With built in digital Freeview, this television is worth snapping up quick.

For the Full HD experience, the LG 50PK590 is one of the best available. This television delivers a blur-free image which is ideal for fast paced movies and sports. With four HDMI ports and USB connections, you can be assured this television will connect with any other digital device you may have. At just £674.33, this TV won't be on the shelves for too long.

For the best viewing experience available, you should opt for a 3D Full HD plasma. The Samsung PS50C6900 3D Full HD television comes equipped with digital Freeview and 3D Blu-ray. Perhaps the best thing about this television is that it lets you enjoy high quality internet through your TV. This can all be yours for only £994.85.

To see the 50inch plasma and many others in greater detail or to have a look at the large range available, just visit dixons.co.uk.


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