All About The 4th Gen iPod Nano

Apple's 4th generation of iPod Nano was officially announced during the Let's Rock event in September 2008.  It marked a return to the sleek, slimline look, as opposed to the wider and weightier 3rd generation Nano.  With a curved aluminium shell and a glass screen, the 4th gen iPod Nano instantly became a fashion accessory, as well as a music player.

Updates to the colour scheme, a change Apple referred to as 'Chromatic', the 4th gen iPod Nano was available in a total of nine colours, including silver, black, purple, light blue, green, yellow, orange, and pink, with a red case available exclusively directly from Apple.  Also added was an accelerometer, a feature which allowed the user to shuffle between songs by shaking the iPod and the ability to view the screen in both portrait and landscape positions.  Further features included were the addition of the 'Genius' algorithm and voice recording functionality.

Available in both 8GB and 16GB models, the 4th gen iPod Nano was built with 32MB of onboard ram and had a battery capable of sustaining life for 24 hours of music playback, or 4 hours of video viewing.

Is It Still Available?

The 4th gen iPod Nano was officially replaced in September 2009 by the 5th generation, an iPod Nano that included camera capability for the very first time.  With that in mind, this model is still available at certain locations, including eBay and Okobe. For a silver 8GB 4th generation iPod Nano, priced at £108, visit http://www.okobe.co.uk/ws/product/Apple+iPod+Nano+8GB+MP3+Player+Silver/1000011157?ref=1q4bs.


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