The 4gb usb memory stick

There are so many great options as far as the 4gb usb memory stick is concerned. Years ago they were bulky, not very cool and pretty fragile, these days they are the opposite.

Duracell USB flash drive: This offering from Duracell isn't particularly cool or anything, it's just a great little USB stick. The thing we love about this is it's size, not too small to loose but small enough to not be cumbersome to carry around for college or work.

It's compact and reads and writes pretty quickly. The best news is that we managed to find it on the amazon.co.uk website for only £4! £4 for four gigabytes of storage, you really won't find a better price on such a great piece of kit.

4gig Ironkey: As the name may suggest this little key is tough, it's so tough it's basically indestructible. This is perfect for people with either crazy jobs or someone that wants to ensure the safety of family pics or other treasured items.

It is shock proof so you could throw it off a building and your data would be safe. It is waterproof if an unfortunate spilling accident should happen. Last but not least it is tamper proof. This means that once it's all locked up no unauthorised user is getting into it. This great piece of kit is available from the ruggedusb.co.uk website for around £70.

4gig Batman Memory Stick: for the comic book geeks out there we have found a very funky little batman memory stick. It is a figure of batman that transforms into a 4gig storage device by separating the head from the body. That's about it though, we just liked it! It's available for £5.99 from the dimsum2u.com website.

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