The best 4gb mp3 players money can buy

4GB Mp3 players may seem like a silly idea to a lot of people but they are actually a great device. You see, for people who run or walk a small 4gb stick mp3 is a lot better than a larger style like an iphone or a creative.

Another factor is that while an mp3 players main purpose is to play music they are actually great for storing and transferring data so again, the smaller the better.

We have found 3 4gb mp3 players that are top of the line so check these out and see what you think.

1. The touch Screen 4GB MP5 Movie Music Personal Media Player by PE is our first choice. It's slick design is one of the best features to this great mp3 player. As you can tell by the name is an Mp5, basically the same as Mp4 except you don't have to re-code the video. Yes, this great little device will play video, store photos and play your music.

2. The Coby 4 GB Flash Video MP3 Player with FM Radio comes in at number 2. This is another great mp3 player. Slightly longer than the entry from PE but still pretty awesome. Again, videos, pictures and music is not a problem for this Mp3 player. The bonus with this is that it has a built in FM tuner so radio is good to go with the Coby.

3. The SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player comes in third but it makes it in for price. This Mp3 player can be picked up for £20 online and it is a great little mp3 player. While it doesn't play video it does just about everything else and it is ultra compact.


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