Your next 42in plasma should be an LG!

A 42in plasma is a must have for any family living room. It can be a very difficult choice when choosing your new TV as there are so many different brands to choose from. Also there is the problem of all the different technical jargon. So if you don't know your LDC from your LED or your 3D from your HD, we suggest you check out currys.co.uk.

When looking for a new plasma, you want three things. Extremely good value, exceptional quality and reliability. LG is a brand that delivers all three. Curry's have a massive range of top class plasmas to suit your budget.

The LG 47PJ350 42" HD Ready Plasma TV comes with a high-definition razor sharp picture that will stylishly fit into its surroundings. Two HDMI ports allow this TV to be easily connected to other HD devices such as a games consoles or a Blu-ray player. The exceptional visual display is accompanied by a powerful 20 watts of audio output to enhance your viewing experience even further. A USB port allows viewing of your JPEG photos or your mp3 music files, along with a VGA connector which allows you to connect up your laptop. Also built into this TV is a DVB-T digital Freeview tuner which gives you access to a large number of free to air TV channels and digital radio stations.

This plasma television is available to purchase from any Curry's store. If you cannot get to a store, why not check out their website at currys.co.uk. The LG 47PJ350 42" HD Ready plasma TV will cost just £419 if purchased online and comes with free delivery. Check out their website to purchase this TV.

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