3ree Facebook

It’s all very well having one of these fancy all bells and whistle smartphones that can do everything (excluding Flash) from viewing the hip & trendy popsical music vid to finding out the latest on Wanyne Rooney playing away from home, but what if all you really want to do is kill time on Facebook? Nothing more, nothing less. The only option has been to pay for that all encompassing sky-high monthly 3G tarrif, that is until now.

Facebook fans, get your goggle eyes on this then. Mobile company ‘3’ has launched a special Facebook URL that doesn’t need the internet to connect to it but only your phone reception. Neat, eh? But with everyone plus there is a minus, the basic free to use Facebook page doesn’t show photos or videos or allow you to play those silly little games.

The trial is expected to last for at lest a year.

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