Are there any offers on 3g broadband UK?

More and more people are discovering you don't have to have a line installed in your home to benefit from some brilliant broadband coverage. This is thanks to the proliferation of 3g broadband UK. So if you're looking to trim one of your household bills, then lets take a look.

3's Mobile Broadband is simply broadband, except on a mobile network. There are no lines to install, and you can go online anywhere at any time. It's simply unbeatable for convenience. Brilliantly, there are often no contracts to sign either, a lot of their products are "Pay as you go", meaning you can control exactly how much, or how little, you spend on your internet.

All you need to pick up from 3 Mobile Broadband is one of their USB Dongles, insert the sim card you are provided with, and you'll be connected to their network, which is the UK's biggest 3G Broadband network. They have various data plans available, and the good news is that all of the data allowances on these packages is going up all of the time.

They offer a Premium Dongle and an Everyday Dongle, with both giving lightning quick access to the 3 Mobile Broadband network. For full details on the various packages available from 3, visit their website at http://threestore.three.co.uk/broadband/, and check out their bargain offers.

As previously mentioned, Dongles are available on Pay as you go, or contract, so check out the offers and see which one appeals to you more.

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