3DSales up at last as price cut takes effect

Nintendo may have decided to redesign the Wii to squeeze a last few sales out of it (see previous story), but if you really want to boost a console, it seems the way to do it is to cut the price. Nintendo did that recently for its new 3DS, after launch sales were decidedly on the lacklustre side. How bad? Well, the 3DS' predecessor the DSi was selling twice as many consoles as its new cousin.

Nintendo slashed a whopping third off the 3DS' price, and must have been praying hard it had the necessary effect on sales. And the good news is, it looks like it has - in Japan, at least. According to reports, Nintendo sold a whopping 215,000 3DS units in Japan in the second week of August, when the price cut became official.

How many is that? Put it this way - it's almost double the number sold in the whole of May. As TechCrunch explains, 'Nintendo in Japan shipped over 350,000 units in the week after launch (and roughly 200,000 in the week after that), meaning the price drop triggered some kind of second beginning in this country for the system (in May, for example, only 109,000 3DS were sold domestically).'

Time will tell if the price cut has a lasting effect on sales, but we feel it has to. We're considering buying a 3DS, and we weren't even thinking about it at the previous price. What do you think - have you got a 3DS? If not, does the price cut have you considering one?

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