Wondering whether to pick up the new 3DS XL?

Nintendo have just released their brand new 3DS XL to the world and if you're in the market for a hand-held, then you are probably wondering if it's worth buying? We've been hands on with this brilliant bit of kit and our emphatic answer is yes, you should pick one up!

Bigger is better!

Nintendo's 3DS XL is the latest in the Apple-like hardware iterations Nintendo seems to roll out. With the current 3DS model only on sale a little over a year, many people are wondering why Nintendo decided to put out a new larger model, but the Big N always has their reasons!

The first of these reasons is improved battery life. While we are massive fans of the 3DS, the battery life, especially when the 3D slider is turned up to maximum is pretty poor. Three hours was the norm with the 3DS, but this has been cranked up to five-six hours with the 3DS XL thanks to the bigger real estate afforded to the battery.

Another reason why we're happy to recommend the XL is the larger screens. These screens make already gorgeous 3DS games appear even more beautiful. We highly recommend playing a title like Super Mario Land 3D as this is one of the more pretty games on the system.

Another big improvement in this model is the fact the upper half of the console now clicks into place, unlike the 3DS, which suffered from having a soft hinge. When trying to keep the 3D effect alive, this feature comes in extremely handy!

The 3DS XL is the king of the handheld world

With fierce competition from the PS Vita, Nintendo needed to play a blinder with the 3DS XL and the good news is that they delivered. Everything about the system screams progression, and our only gripe is the fact Nintendo left out a second circle-pad, although we can understand their reasoning for this move.

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