3DS hits the Cloud

So you've got a Nintendo 3DS. You bought it when it came out, before Nintendo last week decided to slash the price by a third. You're understandably a bit miffed that you're being punished for your early-adopter enthusiasm.

Of course, Nintendo are already offering you a bunch of free games by way of apology. As well as, of course, an actual apology. But what if that's not enough? What else can Nintendo do to satisfy the rage burning inside you?

What about free Wi-Fi?

Yes, you heard us right. Nintendo have reportedly struck a deal with The Cloud, the big public Wi-Fi network run by BSkyB, to let 3DS owners use its network for freebies-like. We reckon this is smart, considering the 3DS has a bunch of features, from game downloads to the 'StreetPass' potential-game-partner-sensing system, which call for an always-on internet connection.

But it's also a pretty neat thing if you're just desperate for some internet action. The 3DS' browser isn't amazing, but it exists.

Are you a 3DS owner? Are you mad or mollified?

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