3D TV coming to a shopping centre near you

When it comes to 3D TV you're either as giddy as a school boy on Christmas morning or you’re a cold hearted sceptic. Well now's the time for us plebs to decide which camp we're in because the future is about to become a virtual reality.

Sky have along been advocates of the 3D technology, having last year committed to the technology with the announcement of some new 3D TV channels coming later this year. Unless you weren’t one of the eager few punters who managed to nab a ticket to last month's first ever sports 3D TV broadcast (Arsenal V Manchester United) you probably haven’t enjoyed the virtual experience yet. To share the love on Friday 12th March Sky are bringing their first proper 3D TV demos to the Westfield shopping centre in London. Onlookers will be able drop their jaws at the sight of tennis, boxing, golf, ballet, live music and films in all their 3D glory. But don’t cry if you don’t live in London because the ‘3D TV experience’ is expected to be rolled out to 100 locations across the UK in the coming months.

Of course it could be total pap. Potatoes need to leave the couch to sample it and if it’s is any good you’ll have to fork out over £1000 for a 3D ready TV.

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