3D on your iPhone

3D Might be about to revolutionise entertainment, or it might be about to disappear. No-one's sure. But what's certain is that it's going to keep cropping up in all our devices for the time being. Nintendo are adding it to their big-selling DS, and now Hasbro are adding it to Apple's iPhone.

Well, sort of. Their new My3D headset, to be released next year, is a $30 set of goggles you wear with your iPhone (or iPod Touch, natch) slotted in. The goggles work with specially-designed software to give you a 3D experience from your tiny iPhone screen.

We don't know yet exactly what kind of software Hasbro plan, but Engadget reckons 'games, virtual travel, augmented reality apps and entertainment content' are all likely candidates. For $30, though, we reckon this'll be more an afternoon's fun than state-of-the-art.

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