3D? No (ava)ta

Remember Avatar? That moment of excitement (and mild embarrassment) when you first donned your swanky 3D glasses? The thrill of watching bits of weird Pandora flora [sounds like a classy Na'vi prostitute - ed.] whizz past the screen and appear nearer to your face than other bits of Pandora flora?

Well, apparently the thrill is wearing off. Film blog The Wrap reports that, with each film released in 3D and normal 2D over the last year, fewer and fewer ticket-buyers have opted for the 3D option. 71% of Avatar viewers opted to pay a few dollars more for the full peccy experience; as of the latest release, Despicable Me, that figure is down to a mere 45%.

This doesn't just apply to films like Clash of the Titans, which were 3D-ised after filming. Despicable Me was animated with 3D in mind from the start.

This means 'that now that people have had a chance to experience 3D in theaters, they're opting to spend $10 on a 2D screening rather than $15 on a 3D screening when given the option,' points out Gizmodo. 'It's not great news for Hollywood studios that have sunk boatloads of money into 3D cameras and tech, but it's much, much worse news for consumer electronics companies such as Sony and Panasonic who are betting the farm on people wanting to upgrade two-year-old HDTVs to 3D HDTVs.'

Like our brother, for example.

What do you think? Have you experienced 3D and gone back to try it again? Is it worth the extra money?

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