3D fiasco

At the start of 2010, with Avatar dominating the world's box office, it looked like it would be the year of 3D. But a year later, 3D is looking an awful lot like a damp squib. Box-office for 3D movies in cinemas has been disappointing, and sales of the first 3D TVs haven't been that great either. But as the economy improves and price comes down, can manufacturers hope for a better time in 2011?

Er, no - apparently not. Pollsters Nielsen conducted a worldwide survey about 3DTV in December, and found that less than 10 per cent of people surveyed expect to buy a 3D TV in 2011. For Americans, a key market, just 3% say they expect to buy one. The thought of wearing glasses at home seems to be what's putting people off. 'Someday, when glasses-less displays arrive, maybe we can try this grand 3D experiment again, yeah?', Gizmodo suggest.

And that's not all 3D's woes. Nintendo are pinning big hopes on their new 3DS, which rocks exactly the kind of glasses-free technology 3DTV so badly needs. But they've just announced some disturbing news: the 3DS' 3D mode won't be safe for the under-6s.

'The machine translation is a little rough, but the gist is clear,'notes Gizmodo: 'Nintendo has issued a warning that kids under six shouldn't use the 3DS's 3D mode because their vision is still 'in the development stage,' and the way that stereoscopic 3D works, delivering different images to each eyeball, 'has a potential impact on the growth of children's eyes.'

So not only do people not want 3D, but now they've been told it'll harm their children. Great! Where do I sign up?

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