300m Twits

With all this talk of AN UNAMED PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLER (it’s Ryan Giggs btw), the real winner of this latest media-hoo-ha is the website that was the catalyst for it, Twitter. For it was on that social networking site that Giggs and his alleged affair broke.

Having launched only 5 years ago, Twitter has been embraced by the media the World over, a genuine internet phenomenon and today they have announced they have just signed up their 300 millionth user. According to Twopcharts, the website now has over 301,000,000 users and is adding new members at rate of 8.8 per second.

It’s thought though, only a sixth of that total are ‘active’ users. With an estimated 250m simply trying it and giving-up. If that is the case, Lady Gaga has 10m followers and therefore a fifth of everyone actively on Twitter follows her. Ouch!

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