3 places to buy a memory stick

Memory sticks are becoming the best thing for those who use computers. They are small, light and offer more space than CDs and DVDs. There are many places to buy a memory stick from and many are now affordable.

When you start looking to buy a memory stick, you need to decide how much memory you want on them. There are some that only offer 1GB but there are others that will offer 8GB. The more memory you want, the more expensive they will be.

Start your search with Staples. This is a store in the UK that is dedicated to office supplies. There is a technology section in all Staples stores, which is where the memory sticks will be. However, you can also shop and buy online, which is beneficial for those who do not live close to Staples. There is a Lexar JumpDrive, which is 8GB, available for £13 or you can opt for a 16GB drive for £25. The prices are as of September 2011.

Amazon.co.uk also offers a variety of USB memory sticks to buy. The listings continually change, so you will need to check regularly to see if there is anything for you. Keep an eye on the seller that you are going through – many are individuals so you will need to check their comments and feedback to ensure that they are trustworthy.

A final popular option to buy a memory stick is Argos. This stores has a large variety of sticks, whether you are looking for cheap 1GB sticks or need the 8GB or even an SD card. You can either go directly to the store or you can shop in the comfort of your own home. As of September 2011, there are 4GB memory sticks available for £6.99 or you can opt for an 8GB one for £9.99.

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