3 options to buy cheap inkjet cartridges

Printing costs a lot of money. First you have to think about the cost of the printer and then you need to consider the ink and paper. However, there are places willing to offer cheap inkjet cartridges, which are worth considering. Here are just three that are available.

The first place to consider is Staples. This is a store dedicated to offer the best deals on office supplies and ink cartridges fall into that. Your prices will depend on the type of ink that you want and the type of printer that you have. As of September 2011, the Lexmark 32 cartridge costs £17.99 and the 33 costs £22.99.

Cartridgediscount.co.uk is an online store that is highly recommended for cheap inkjet cartridges. Again, the costs are based on the type of ink you want and the printer make that you have. All the prices quoted include the VAT and there is free deliver available on all purchases. AS of September 2011, it is possible to purchase both the 32 and 33 cartridges mentioned above for £17.99 or single ones are available for £9.98.

Cartridgesave.co.uk is another site when it comes to finding cheap inkjet cartridges and is extremely easy to use. You simply put in the details about your printer and it will come up with anything that you could possibly need. A duel pack of 32 and 33 cartridges is available for £33.66 and this includes free delivery but none of the prices include VAT. Buying in bulk will mean saving money. By buying 5 or more, you will get them for £30.93 per item.

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