2gb MP3 players? They do have their uses!

2gb mp3 players are a thing of the past. Nowadays no one really uses those little guys any more, most people are on an 8gb or 16gb iPod of some description. The real question is do you need all that space?

A large capacity iPod is the perfect mp3 player for most. People like to carry their entire collection around with them so they can listen to anything at any time.

It seems that the more variety people pack on, the less they actually listen to. With music being so easy to download, albums are becoming a one-listen item. They are starting to lose their value.

Large mp3 players actually kind of add to this. People just want to have everything on the machine so they download to their heart's content. The album gets thrown on the machine and lost for good.

In many ways the 2gb mp3 player is actually the perfect mp3 player. It has enough room for a good few albums but not too many so you don't give them a proper listen. They are always super-slick and easy to carry around.

If you run or walk they are the perfect way to get the right amount of listening done while you get some air. They are easy to load and take only minutes versus loading 8gb of music, especially with iTunes!

Larger mp3 players are fantastic as a portable hard-drive for music but if you find you are not giving albums enough time any more, try a smaller mp3 player! Only put on the albums that you want to hear and you will find the experience a lot more rewarding.

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