$260 - the real cost of an Apple iPad

If you’ve been put off by the hefty price tag for the iPad ($499 in the US) and thought you could make it cheaper yourself, well now you have a chance after deets of how much the composite parts cost have been leaked.

iSuppli have somehow got their greeky mits on the stats and say that Apple pay £260 (£171.15) in all parts and the manufacturing of each 16GB iPad with WiFi (not the incoming 3G models). If you’re a nerd the doco makes for interesting reading; it says the most expensive part is the display which cost $65 from LG, the touchscreen system costs $30 from Wintek, the iPad flash memory $29.50, the battery $21 and the processor $19.50.

So if you can't wait for the iPad to be officially released in the UK at the end of the month there’s nothing stopping you going ahead and making your own.

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