$250,000 for a place on Twitter top 20 list?

According to TechCrunch, Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis has offered $250,000 for a place on a list of the 20 most popular Twitter accounts. The list is presented to all new users of the mini-blog site and is seen as key to building up a large following.

Names that appear on the list include Al Gore, Lance Armstrong, CNN and the New York Times who all now boast over 250,000 followers. Calacanis has over 61,266 followers, but thinks that the Twitter list will soon become one of the world's most powerful advertising tools.

"I believe that in five years the top 20 recommend slots will be worth $1m a year, each–super bowl commercial level in fact." Is Calacanis a visionary or a raving lunatic? Only time will tell.

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