21st Century Photo Booth

The iPhone and iPad might be awesome productivity tools, but we reckon the best apps for them are often the silliest. And this new app PopBooth is extremely silly, but very fun as well.

One of the downsides of digital photography is the demise of the old-fashioned photo booth. The fun of pulling a slightly different expression for each of the four photos is gone; now you get to approve the shot, which takes all the fun out of it, and you get four the same. More practical if you're trying to renew your passport, yes, but way less fun to squeeze in with a date.

So we like PopBooth, which brings back some of the delights of the old-fashioned photo booth as an iOS app. You use your iPhone or iPad to snap the photos, and it assembles them into a lovely strip of little pics. Not just on screen, either. With a couple of taps and payment of a small fee - hopefully only about £2 - you can have an actual, real, paper strip of photos printed and sent to your (or your date's) house.

Keep an eye out for PopBooth when it's released in a couple of weeks - it looks like a lot of fun.

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