2012's most innovative gadgets

2012 is a great year for innovative gadgets to appear in the market changing consumption and behaviour patterns of consumers. The list of 2012’s most innovative gadgets shows a fantastic range of cool devices from phones and tablets to cameras and projectors to make life fun and easy in a way.

Changing human behaviour

The list of 2012's most innovative gadgets

  • Roku’s 3M streaming projector

This is your portable wireless home cinema theatre on the go. It even fits on the palm of your hand. Hook it up anywhere where you have wireless connectivity and enjoy your favourite apps and streaming services. Picture resolution is outstanding at 800x480. Battery autonomy is good for 2.5 hours.

  • Wii-U

Nintendo was the only game maker to release a new console this year. This console features a tablet-like controller. The best part is, the console is backward compatible with games made for the Wii.

  • Mini iPad

Who hasn’t heard of the mini iPad especially when it’s all packed with all the features of the iPad at a shrunken size? At 0.68lb or 308 g, it’s ideal to take anywhere. All apps that run on the regular iPad works on the device so who’s complaining?

  • Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

This device runs on Windows 8 and is a blazing fast tablet that converts to a laptop.

  • Lytro camera

This camera will change the way you take pictures using the “lightfield” technology. It allows you to refocus after you’ve taken pictures. The camera is fitted with 8x optical zoom, light field engine and a light field sensor. It is available in 8GB or 16GB.

  • Retina MacBook Pro

Tech reviewers and users love the Retina MacBook Pro with its ultra-thin size and amazing resolution. It’s a professional laptop that you won’t be ashamed to show off for it is highly performant with a quad-core processor.

  • iPhone 5

Apple redesigned the iPhone 5 making it taller and thinner. It is fast with a marvellous 8MP iSight camera.

Stimulating creativity

It's not possible to cover all of 2012's most innovative gadgets in one short list, but the examples described show the immense creativity of the brains behind these devices. Innovation is an ongoing process that will not stop for as long creative minds are at work. For consumers, innovations can only improve productivity, encourage personal growth, save valuable time, and money.

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