Trying to find 2 player Scrabble games online for free?

Finding 2 player scrabble online games for free can sometimes prove difficult.  We've got you covered though and will recommend the best sites for you to play Scrabble online.

Lots of websites claim to offer free Scrabble but they only offer trials and as soon as your free trial has expired then they expect you to pay for your gaming.  One of the best ways to avoid this exact situation is by putting that favourite social network of yours, Facebook, to use.

Playing Scrabble on Facebook is a match made in heaven as all your friends are already connected with you. Simply install the app and invite the friends you wish to challenge and instruct them to install the app too. Then organise a time to play and away you go.

There a number of Scrabble apps on Facebook so try them all and go with whichever one you like best. We recommend Scrabble Worldwide (excluding the US and Canada) as it is very user friendly and there are no delays. You can find the app at facebook.com/Scrabble and start playing today. You can play with more than just 2 players too so you can test your Scrabble abilities against a few of your friends at the same time.

Another way to play Scrabble online is with Yahoo games. You can find it at word-games.yahoo.pogo.com/games/scrabble and Yahoo's gaming partners Pogo have acquired the digital rights to the game from creators Hasbro but only for residents in the US and Canada. So when you are asked which region you are from, simply select US and Canada and you can play for free.  This allows you to play 2 player Scrabble against the computer to ensure you keep your skills sharp for when you play your friends on Facebook.


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