2 Chinese Men Attempt to Sell their Kidneys in order to Purchase the New iPhone 6s

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Apple’s CEO Tom Cook announced last week that Apple’s iPhone market has grown by 75% in China year on year which is their second largest market after the Americas. Consumers have been able to pre-order the new iPhone 6s since September 12 and will be able to buy them on September 25th. The Apple iPhone 6s costs roughly £539 which is more than last years average monthly wage in China.

Like many people, 2 young Chinese men Huang and Wu from Jiangsu province wanted to have Apple’s newest phone, the iPhone 6s. Unfortunately they did not have the money so Huang came up with an idea to sell their organs on the black market, specifically their kidneys.

They proceeded to contact an illegal agent online who had them arrange to take a medical exam in a hospital in Nanjin on the 12th of September. The young men appeared but the agent did not. Upon further consideration Wu decided not to donate but Huang wanted to proceed. Wu tried to stop the sale by notifying the police and Huang fled and has yet to be located according to the local newspaper, Modern Express.

While this may seem like a shock, China is extremely low in organ donations making for a very large organ demand on the black market online. In 2013 a Chinese teenager sold his kidney for over £20,000 but only saw £2,000 of it. He had enough for his iPad and iPhone but now lives with renal failure. In 2007 China banned the trading of human organs and started a voluntary donor scheme. Unfortunately selling organs on the black market is still a very large problematic issue.

There are many other incidences around the world where people have made unimaginable sacrifices just to be able to pay for the latest technology. One couple gave up their third child for adoption while another man asked for the latest phone as a dowry from a man who proposed to his sister.

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