2 become 1

Well, this is either the rantings of a whacked-out crazy person or a bold, brave prediction - and we're not sure which.

When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, it also introduced a new operating system - iPhone OS, now known as iOS. With the introduction of the iPad, iOS started to seem like a powerful new computing platform, and with the new version of its computer OS, Mac OS X Lion, Apple brought a bunch of iOS features - like auto-save, auto-versions, and grid-based application launching - to Mac OS X. But could it be planning on going further, and merging the two completely?

According to analyst Peter Misek, the answer is yes - and soon. The Jeffries & Co analyst says Apple's next home-made processor, the A6 - expected to power the iPad 3 and then the iPhone 6 - will also power a new version of the MacBook Air by the end of 2012. That will start a process where Apple will gradually move all its computers over to home-made, low-power ARM chips like the A6, enabling Apple to merge iOS and Mac OS X into a single sexy system. It's similar to what's believed to be planned within Microsoft, where the transition to running Windows on ARM chips will ultimately enable Windows, Windows Phone and XBox to merge into a giant integrated system.

Of course, the A6 doesn't officially exist yet, the iPhone isn't yet up to version 5, let alone 6, and the MacBook Air has just been upgraded with a decidedly old-school Intel processor. So we'd take this all with a pinch of salt.

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