We take a look at the 1omega 2 2TB USB 2.0 external desktop hard drive

With hard drive storage space now costing less than it has ever done, many people are getting more and more comfortable with the use of external USB based hard drives for saving their personal and work files in a single, portable location. Despite the fact that only a few short years ago we would have mocked the idea of anyone having 2TB worth of storage space in such a small device, the 1omega 2 2TB USB 2.0 external desktop hard drive has blown us away with its unbelievable build quality and reliability.

Available in a range of colours, including Midnight Blue, Jet Black, Silver and Charcoal, this external drive is not only one of the most aesthetically pleasing on the market, but it also offers users a degree of reliability that we have never before seen in a hard drive of this size.

For the most part, a general rule of thumb used to be to avoid external hard drives boasting capacities of more than 1TB wherever possible. Due to the nature of the technology used in traditional hard drives, errors and data loss seemed to go hand in hand with 2TB drives until now.

Quite what technical genius Iomega have employed in order to get around this problem we're not sure, but the fact of the matter is that they have managed it with quite some aplomb, and all while keeping the price down to very reasonable levels.

You can pick up the 1omega 2 2TB USB 2.0 external desktop hard drive on amazon.co.uk today for just £94.89, a reduction of £74.10 over the recommended retail price - and we can't recommend you buy one enough!

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