What Happened to 1Channel?

1Channel was a hugely popular online streaming site where visitors to the site could stream their favourite tv shows, popular films and even music. At its peak it was one of the webs prime streaming locations but a number of incidents saw 1Channel embark on a series of unfortunate setbacks.

Hacking Incident

The original 1Channel was not to be found at www.1channel.ch. Previously, the creators had used another domain, www.letmewatchthis.ch, to host the streaming site which later would become known as 1Channel. Under these two domains the site enjoyed massive growth and the owners experienced no major problems with their service.

Then, in May of 2013, 1Channel was the victim of a hacking attack which adversely affected its millions of users. The hackers were able to reroute the domain www.1channel.ch to a fake website that was set up to look exactly like the original. Since then a number of incidents have happened to leave users of the original 1Channel severely confused and their levels of trust for the site have taken a huge hit.

The owners response to the original attack was to move their service back to their original letmewatchthis domain but once again this domain became compromised. A new domain at www.primewire.ag was established claiming to be 1Channel and very recently this domain has been redirected to www.vodly.to without much in the way of explanation. Needless to say, at this stage in the game, users are unsure whether Vodly is the same service and it is difficult to know whether or not Primewire was the same service either.

Viable Alternatives to 1Channel

Beacuse of all the confusion surrounding 1Channel, users have started to seek out a new streaming site that they can trust a bit more. If you are also looking for a new streaming haven then take a look at www.solarmovie.so, www.free-tv-video-online.me/, or maybe take the safest and most reliable option and subscribe to the very reasonably priced Netflix.

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