15 billion Tweets and counting

If you think Twitter was just a flash in the pan, glorified by every media outlet and their dog just so they could share with you what they having ‘coming up’ or even better what they ate for lunch, then think again: according to just released stats it looks like the social networking site is here to stay.

After a naturally slow start since its first Tweet was sent in 2006, Twitter has gone from strength to strength. Recent estimates suggest it is today worth £1.5 billion - that’s BILLION not million. Twitter have now confirmed that 15 billion Tweets have now been sent by its 100 million users since launch day, a staggering increase since its 1 billionth Tweet in 2008.

The news comes as the first Twitter user to break the 5 million followers mark was achieved when poptart Britney Spears notched up 5,014,759 over the weekend, leaving actor Ashton Kutcher in second place with a feeble 4,985,181 and Lady Gaga in 3rd with 4,249,607...at last count.

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