A 1080p Hdtv is the only way to go

A 1080p Hdtv is basically the best quality resolution and picture that televisions currently offer. The 1080 part of the title is to do with the resolution. The picture resolution is actually 1920x1080 and that's where they get the number from. Basically with this resolution you can experience the least quality loss on huge screen sizes.

The 'p' in 1080p stands for progressive, as in 'progressive scanning' which is  the way of displaying moving images. In older televisions they used interlacing which would alternate the drawing of the lines. With progressive all the lines of the frame are drawn in a sequence. This eliminates the flickering and loss of quality.

If you are looking for a great television make sure you go for a full HD 1080p television. Do not buy a television that uses the tag line 'HD ready'. While it is technically capable of playing HD you will not get the full 1080p range. These 'HD ready' televisions are generally only 720p which means you will never really get the best from your Blu Ray disks and video games.

If for example you own a Playstation 3 and want to experience the latest games in their true HD glory you will definitely want to splash out that bit extra to avoid a HD ready television and get the real deal.

Televisions have recently dropped quite a bit in price. Thanks to the demand more and more companies are offering stunning HD TVs for very little. What's new? Well, LG and Panasonic have some truly unbelievable technology in their higher price range but their low priced TVs are still amazing.

Now that full 1080p HD televisions are affordable, there really has never been a better time to splash out and pick one up.

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