The confusion about 1080p hdmi cables

HD as a technology has been around for almost 9 years now and yet some people are still a little confused about how the technology works. This is understandable and as with all new technology it takes a little bit of time to adapt.

HD is a video standard which is approximately double the definition of older TV standards like PAL or NTSC. This means double the amount of information in the signal and to send this volume of information developers realised they had to come up with a new technology to transmit all these extra details. Coaxial and SCART were found to carry too little data so HDMI was developed.

HDMI, or High Definition Multimedia Interface to you and I, is the solution.HDMI as a technology carries digital signals between 420i and 1080p but the cables to do this as divided into several categories.

The standard HDMI cable carries signals between 1080i and 720p.

The High Speed HDMI cables carry signals over 1080p (which also include the signals for 4K and 3D).

These cables are distinguished and marketed via the bitrate support so be sure to look for 1080p hdmi cables when purchasing the required model.HDMI cables allow for the signal to be transported up to thirty metres in length.

Any cable over thirty metres will result in the HD image degrading, this can be combatted by using an HDMI extender. The HDMI extender can be used to expand the distance of the HDMI signals strength so that is can be transported up to two hundred and fifty metres.

HDMI is a powerful standard that is absolutely vital to the enjoyment of HD images, remember for the best signal strength one should use 1080p hdmi cables.

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