Looking for a good 10 inch digital photo frame?

Digital photo frames are great for showing off all your favourite pictures. Here is a quick look at some of our favourite 10 inch digital photo frames.

First is the Samsung SPF107H 10 inch Digital Photo Frame. It has an attractive screen and looks like a smaller version of their TVs. When connected it can be used as a mini monitor. You can store up to 3,000 photos on its 1GB of internal memory. The screens resolution is 1024 x 600, making your pictures look crystal clear. It can be found online for around £80.

Next is the Sandstrom S10DPF11 10 inch Digital Photo Frame. It is compatible with SD, SDHC, MMC, Memory stick cards and USB. The 10 inch screen has an impressive resolution of 1024 x 768. One downside is the lack of internal memory, but you can simply put in your camera's memory card and it will work fine. This frame can be found at Currys for around £140.

Last is the Philips 10FF2CME 10 inch Digital Photo Frame. The resolution, at 800 x 480, is the lowest of the three - but it is still a good quality screen. It also has a low internal memory: at just 128MB, you could store no more than 300 photos on it. Despite these setbacks it is still a solid choice: it looks good, is easy to use and has many extra features - including the ability to edit photos and, most importantly, a recharge the battery. Digital photo frames eat a lot of power, so many are just mains powered. This frame can be charged and used cordlessly. You can find this frame online for around £100.


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