02 set to run out of iPhone 3G on launch day

O2 are set to leave thousands of customers disappointed and empty handed this morning as they fail to meet demand for Apple's 3G version of the iPhone. The mobile phone company sold out its pre-order stock in a matter of minutes on Monday but claimed that it had put aside 50% of its supply for today's launch.

The arrival of the new iPhone 3G has been surrounded by a lot of hype but O2 have made it clear on their website that stores will have limited supplies. As a result Apple's official partner in the UK is set to limit purchasing to one phone per customer.

Apple have also opened up the iPhone 3G to third party software developers which should see social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace be available on the iPhone 3G in the next few weeks. The 8GB version costs £45-per-month while the 16GB version will set you back £75-per-month.

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